Sunday, March 28, 2010

For those of you that like AOM (Age of Mythology for those who didn't understand) but couldn't manage to figure out why the error:

Initialization Failed

keeps poping in your screen, after the loading of the initial first two videos, here's the answer to your problem:

Edit the shortcut of the game on your desktop and change the Target: field to read:

“C:\Program Files\Age of Mythology\aom.exe” xres=800 yres=600

where xres and yres are your horizontal and vertical resolution of your screen.

This should solve your problem. If not, have in mind that it's probably something going on with your resolution. If it is too high, the game won't be able to properly load. Age of mythology has a standard list of supported resolutions that it works.

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11:18 AM

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Blogger Russel said...

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August 16, 2010 at 10:15 PM  
Blogger jan-timon.werle said...

Hey Guy Thank u very much i did not find the information i needed anywhere, thank u really much buddy, now its workin

February 10, 2011 at 3:21 PM  
Blogger nick man said...

Thanks alot, your blog is the first site I could find that actually allowed AOM to work. LEGEND

December 25, 2011 at 5:56 PM  
Blogger EonLancer said...

Hope it is helpful cos I've searched everywhere and found no help.:(

February 25, 2012 at 3:43 AM  
Blogger Sanjeev Prakash said...

very usefull information, my problem with the initilization is fixed

December 28, 2012 at 8:30 PM  
Blogger Sanjeev Prakash said...

very useful information, my problem is fixed.

December 28, 2012 at 8:31 PM  
Blogger jack said...

It didn't work, the exact same thing happened, any other ideas?

April 30, 2013 at 9:23 AM  

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